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Cancer: The Limitations of the Current Medical Model

Why you can fight cancer with chemotherapy, diet, radiation, surgery, and even natural medicine… but the cancer still comes back again and again. (HINT: There’s a “missing link” in the way we treat & prevent cancer.)

Will we still use chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as main cancer treatments in the future? (Or will they become outdated relics of the past?)

The one thing that has been missing from cancer treatment and prevention. 

The True Causes of Cancer That Most Doctors Aren’t Talking About

The REAL root cause of cancer. (And it’s not diet, exercise, or even toxins). 

How to give yourself the best chance of conquering cancer once and for all. 

One thing that has been missing from your anti-cancer regimen that might be more important than anything else. (Almost all of the experts I’ve interviewed for this series agree on this point). 

The Missing Link to Cancer Treatment & Prevention (Part 1)

What cancer treatment will probably look like in 20 years, and how you can get access to the future of cancer treatment starting today. 

Can your thoughts really lead to accelerated tumor growth? (Well, when you hear what these renowned cancer experts have to say, you may be surprised.) 

How Dr. Kevin Conners had a rare case of cancer, and how he used alternative therapies to heal it. 

The Missing Link to Cancer Treatment & Prevention (Part 2)

How the true root cause of cancer can actually go all the way back to your childhood. (You won’t believe how simple it is to reverse this problem!) 

Why the way that oncologists are taught to diagnose cancer can ruin your chances of recovery.

The unexpected way that these cancer conquerors defeated their cancer once and for all. (It’s not diet, chemo, radiation, or surgery.) 

The Best Anti-Cancer Diet

What’s the best diet for preventing or even reversing cancer? (The Father of Lifestyle Medicine himself is going to share the latest answer to this question.) 

Foods to avoid if you’re trying to put your cancer into remission. These foods actually feed tumor cells, so PLEASE make sure you avoid eating this. 

The most powerful anti-cancer foods including 7 powerful herbs identified by leading scientists that stop cancer from growing.

How to Eliminate Cancer-Causing Toxins From Your Home & Life

How toxins lead to inflammation (one of the leading causes of cancer). And how to detox those toxins out of your life.

Little-known everyday household products that are known to cause cancer (and other disease).

How to know if your beauty products cause cancer. (HINT: There are 1,300 toxic chemicals BANNED by Europe, that are still legal for companies to use here in the USA.) 

The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

Discover simple practices you can add to your anti-cancer regimen that help boost your immune system.

How to create an anti-cancer body that makes it almost impossible for cancer cells to live in. 

The 5,000-year-old Ancient Chinese Healing Practice, and how you can use it to ease the anxiety, fear, and stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis. (This is already making waves across America right now!) 

Women vs Men: How to Prevent & Treat Gender-Specific Cancers

What every man who’s watching this should start doing right now if they don’t want to get cancer. (You can also share this potentially life-saving information with your husband and family members.) 

How to know if you are at risk for breast or prostate cancer, and what you can do to prevent these tumors.

Why completely removing your prostate is a bad idea. 

Cancer Conqueror Healing Stories

How Jackie Zofkie beat her cancer without using traditional therapies.

The surprising way that Pilar Davila fought her stage 4 cancer… and then put it into full remission.

What Dr. Ruth Heidrich did after she was diagnosed with cancer, and why she decided to leave many of her old practices, theories, and ideas behind. 

Own The Docuseries And All The Bonuses Forever At 50% OFF

Click below to get on-demand access to the entire docuseries, transcripts, books, and bonuses. Offer ends soon. 

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